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SAEAUT SMS Server Professional 2.1.0

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SAEAUT SMS Server Professional i. style1 {font-size: medium;color: #0000FF;}SAEAUT SMS Server Professional is the software package enabling complex using of SMS communication in a company - sending and receiving individual and group SMS in local network or from web, usable with special client applications, e.

g. for monitoring, alarming, SMS marketing, ordering systems. The software bundle SAEAUT SMS Server Professional is budget priced solution consisting of SAEAUT SMS Service (1 licence), SAEAUT SMS Service Client (4 licences) SAEAUT SMS Service Web Client (1 licence).

It contains:Runtime application without user interface (UI) implemented as an OS Windows Service enabling SMS communication over GSM modem or web gateway.

It can be placed on a PC with server or desktop operating systemThe configuration application usable also as a client application with UI (placed on the same PC as runtime application) Standard LAN client application (placed on different PC#39;s in LAN )Web application enabling access to the runtime application using UI in a web browser.

(It requires web server, e. g. MS IIS server)Customer applications using SMS functionality can be implemented by two ways:As external application connected to the SAEAUT SMS Service trough shared databaseAs VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) application implemented directly in the MDB database file delivered with the SAEAUT SMS Service.

Such application examples (descriptions and source codes) can be downloaded from www. saeautom. sk/download lt;http://www. saeautom. sk/downloadgt;.

Our product OpcDbGatway can be used as very powerful client application for SMS server. It enables connecting of different devices in building or plant, to configure evaluation of the measured values and sending as SMS, to mediate devices control according to received SMS.

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SAEAUT SMS Server Professional


SAEAUT SMS Server Professional 2.1.0

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